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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindstamp?
Mindstamp is a platform for making videos interactive and personal by adding multimedia notes, feedback requests, and navigation aids. It allows you to take a basic video and create a unique viewing experience with custom intro messages, viewer analytics, and text, voice, and video notes showing up throughout a video.
What is a Note?
A note is anything that you add to a video on Mindstamp. There are currently 4 types of notes: text, voice, video, and decision notes. For more information, see the note Guide.
How do I add a Text Note?
You can add a text note to a video at anytime simply by typing. If the video is playing, it will pause, and your text note will appear on top of the video. Once you save or clear it, the video will resume. The text note will then appear on top of the video for the next viewer. Text notes do not pause the video when they are displayed. For more information, see the note Guide.
How do I add a Voice Note?
To add a voice note, press the microphone button beneath the video. When the recording box pops up and you can see your mic working, press “Start Recording”. When you’re finished recording, press “Stop recording” to review and save or discard your note. When future viewers come across your voice notes in the video, it will pause to play them. For more information, see the note Guide.
How do I add a Video Note?
You can add a video note by pressing the camera button beneath the video. When the recording box pops up and you can see your camera working, press “Start Recording”. When you’re finished recording, press “Stop recording” to review and save or discard your note. When future viewers come across your video notes, it will pause the video to play them and resume upon completion. For more information, see the note Guide.
Why can't I add a Video Note?
Mindstamp uses modern browser technology to deliver a quality experience across different devices and browsers. However, some manufacturers, such as Apple’s Safari Browser or iPhone, simply do not support the technology standards necessary to provide some services, such as capturing video notes. We believe that support from them is just around the corner and greatly look forward to making Safari a fully capable Mindstamp client. In the mean time, please use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to add video notes. For more information, see the note Guide.
How do I add a video?
To add a video, you can press the “+” icon in the left menu, or head to mindstamp.io/new when logged in to your account.
Can I create new videos on Mindstamp?
Mindstamp is a platform for marking up existing videos - you cannot record a base video. Instead, you should simply record a video with your device and upload it to Mindstamp. For more information, see the Video Guide.
What kind of videos can I use?
Mindstamp supports many types of videos. You can upload a video from your device, or paste a link to a Youtube, Vimeo, or Direct video. If you upload a video, the format does not matter - we transcode and optimize all of your videos to run perfectly across all devices. To use a direct video link, make sure the link is public (you should be able to access the video when signed out and/or using an incognito browser) and the link ends in .mp4, .ogg, or .webm. For more information, see the Video Guide.
Are my videos and notes secure? How are they protected?
Security is a top priority for us. We know that your videos and notes around them contain sensitive personal and business material and we take great effort to ensure that nobody but you can access them. We securely store your videos in both Amazon S3 and Mux Video storage. Each of these services is set up to secure and retrieve your videos using cryptographic signing in realtime when you request them with time limitations, so even if somebody were to get a direct link to your video, they would not be able to access it. Your Mindstamp posts are protected by account-level access that you set when you share a video. Unless you explicitly choose to make a video public when sharing, only you and Mindstamp users you explicitly grant access to are able to access a video.
How do I share a video I've added?
To share a video, go to that video (you can find it in your videos) and press the “Share” button beneath the title information. This will bring up a menu where you can review, edit, and create new shares of that video.
How does sharing work?
One of Mindstamp’s most powerful features is how it treats video sharing. More coming soon here.
What is a base video?
A base video is the original video you add to Mindstamp. Each base video can have many shares - which creates a new copy of a video and it’s interactions for a new user or group. notes you add to the base video will show up on all shares of the video. notes you add to a share of the video will only show up on that share.
What is a individual share?
Coming soon.
What browsers and devices are supported for Mindstamp?
We fully support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Safari is mostly supported, but you will not be able to add videos notes as Apple does not support the new technology that Mindstamp uses to capture them.
How much does Mindstamp cost?
We offer multiple plans to suit your needs, including a free option. Head to billing to see all options.
How are payments handled? Is my payment information safe?
We use the leading internet payments provider, Stripe , to handle all payments. Your payment is never stored on our servers or even seen by us - Stripe only tells us the last 4 digits of your card and they take care of the rest. We do all of this over HTTPS to ensure the safety and security of your information.
Do I need a paid Mindstamp account?
It depends! The main difference between a paid and free account is the ability to add and share videos. If you don’t need to add videos on your own (aka somebody else is sharing videos with you on Mindstamp and you only need to add text notes), then a free account will let you add text notes to other people’s videos. Paid accounts have tons of other benefits as well, such as voice notes + transcriptions, video notes, intro messages, analytics, and more. You can see all the differences on the billing page.
How do I upgrade my account?
Head to the billing page, choose your plan, enter your secure payment information, and boom! You’re upgraded 🙌
Is there a tour I can take to get up to speed?
Glad you asked - head to mindstamp.io/tour and you’ll become an expert in under 2 minutes!
Who makes Mindstamp?
This guy named Brett, aka me! I’ve designed, built, launched, and now support and grow Mindstamp as a solo maker. I’ve had lots of help along the way and could not be more thankful for the people, projects, and communities that have helped make Mindstamp what it is today.
I have feedback or feature requests. How can I share them?
The best way to know what to build is by hearing directly from people like you. Please shoot me an email at [email protected] I can't promise I'll add it, but I'll certainly listen :)
Where can I find your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Disclaimer?
Right here: Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Disclaimer
Where can I find you off of Mindstamp?
We’re all over the place: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, and more.
I like Mindstamp and think I could make it better. Are you hiring?
Not exactly, but I’m always looking for smart, passionate people to collaborate with on small or large projects. Drop me a line at [email protected] and tell me what you’re thinking - maybe we can work something out!

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